Countdown to Vet School

I’ve been in Colorado since the start of the summer (June 1). I moved back up here after completing my MS at Texas A&M, I subleased through the summer and boarded my horses about 30 minutes North of the school. Right now I’m in between housing as I needed to vacate my sublease before my lease for my new place begins. I’m excited to be all moved into the home where I will spend my first year of veterinary school.

This summer I took a job working at an equestrian barn where we do several summer camps teaching children to ride. I’ve been out in the sun hanging out with horses every day, it’s been great but the anticipation of orientation is definitely setting in; I’m so excited!

I also resumed riding along with one of my favorite veterinarians this summer, Dr. Wheeler. It has been quite the reunion and it has been great hearing him introduce me as a veterinary student! I’ve learned even more this summer from him!

In addition, I’ve also started meeting some classmates as they have been trickling in since the beginning of summer. We have gone out to breweries in Fort Collins and went tubing down the Poudre River. We are all anxiously awaiting the journey ahead!

Until next time!


Poudre River float!
Poudre River float group!



Colorado State University- The interview

On January 31st I received an email (that went to my spam folder!!) from Colorado State office of veterinary admissions offering an interview! I was elated, CSU was my #1 choice (that actually played a HUGE role in attending there for my undergrad). I had two date options to choose from, January 14 or 15. I chose the 15th and made arrangements for hotel and suchgeneric-colorado-state-university.

This is the first year that CSU brought back interviews and was the first time in 15 years for this event to happen. Considering my interview with Western I thought they did a very good job. The interview is MMI style, which was my first experience with the true MMI. I actually really liked it, it was impossible to really prepare for the questions since they were so varied but because of that, it seems they get the unedited version of you. I think this helps them tell if you are a good fit for their program.

The day consisted of an introduction, interviews, lunch with guest speakers, tours of the veterinary school and a tour of the first year areas. Even though I went to undergrad here; seeing CSU this way was very impressive.

This was my fourth application to CSU, and it finally paid off.