Cornell c/o 2021

Hello everyone! As we’re coming into summer leading up to this grand new adventure I thought I ought to introduce myself. My name is Emily, I’m a 25yr old incoming DVM student at Cornell University. I’m excited to be joining my fellow authors in chronicling the chaos into which we are about to descend.

My path into veterinary medicine was a little tumultuous. I attended a small unknown liberal arts college for my Bachelor’s in Biology, but that wasn’t my goal when I started. Leading up to late in my sophomore year in college I had no interested in veterinary medicine or the sciences at all. My goal was to become a financial auditor (exciting, I know). I stumbled into this field as a result of a volunteer position the summer of 2011 that turned into a job and then, well, turned into a passion.

I first applied to veterinary school for the class of 2018. I applied to my in-state school and a few others, a fairly narrow net that included Cornell. I had strong academics but little name recognition, and only a year or so of experience as an assistant in a small rural clinic. I was rejected outright from everywhere but Cornell, where I was waitlisted. That experience, combined with some major changes in my personal life, led to me to question my commitment to the field and ultimately remove myself from the waitlist.

In the interim I tried everything I could to find something else I was passionate about. I debated nursing, pathology, cooking, and a host of other assorted fields. But I kept ending up back in veterinary medicine. When I applied again this past cycle (with the push of a very supportive spouse), I promised myself it would be the last time. My grades had not changed but I had nearly ten times the amount of experience now with some added variety (wildlife rehabilitation, emergency medicine, specialty care). I applied to  five schools and was rejected from two, waitlisted at one, and accepted to UC Davis and Cornell.

Deciding to attend Cornell was complicated, and my spouse’s job ended up making the bulk of my decision for me. We will be in a long distance relationship throughout the next four years, something which admittedly scares the hell out of me, so I’m going in to the c/o 2021 full tilt with the goal of making what we want in our life happen and still trying to stay sane. At this point my interest lies mainly in small animal emergency, but that tends to change for a lot of people during school as they get more exposure.

I have two small dogs living here in Ithaca with me, both Cornell patients as well, so I’m sure you’ll hear a little about their adventures too.


2 thoughts on “Cornell c/o 2021

  1. If it helps, my boyfriend is in Australia right now, and I will tell you that it does get easier as time goes on. LDRs are unfortunate, but it will make you two stronger and more independent in the end!!


    1. Thank you! We did brief sort of summer-long LDR during college when he went abroad but never quite this long. Fortunately we’re able to see each other once or twice a month right now until he starts deploying again.


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