It’s about to go down.

Hi everyone!

I have some exciting news to share! I have been talking with some friends and others via the interwebs, and we will be adding more students and hopefully much more content throughout veterinary school.

Not only will you be getting posts from us (myself and drgraceyk) here at CSU but we will have students from other veterinary schools posting as well. So if you are looking for a candid look at a school you’re thinking about attending I hope you can find it here, or if you just want to hear about the struggle that is veterinary school.

We will also be sharing links to other blogs and hoping to do some collaborative work. Some of us are already in school while the rest of us will be starting up this year!

We are really excited to bring more perspectives to the page and hope you’ll enjoy reading about our antics!

For your reading pleasure here are some of my favorite veterinary memes:

Now for a short update on my life:

My Master’s is almost complete! I take my finals in just under two weeks, which I’m having difficulty getting the motivation to study for (my backpack sits in the corner of this room and I occasionally glance at it and feel guilty). Though I’m doing pretty well in all my classes right now, but I would like to get the elusive 4.0 as I know it probably will never happen again.

A couple weeks ago, I got a concussion falling off of my mare (Sassy) which hasn’t happened for a very long time, but alas it does happen, sometimes, when your horse uses you as a yard dart. I was riding bareback and took a turn too fast (whoops), though that hasn’t happened in like 6 years either; but it happens. I’m probably (finally) going to invest in a helmet, I’ve spent a lot of money on this brain of mine!

Soon after that, I got a pretty nasty cold which I am still recovering from. My cat, Bucket, also had to go to the vet to find struvite crystals in his urine so he is now on a special diet to control that.

Now I’m just waiting for Sassy to come into heat (which she has started) so she can go up to Weatherford, TX to be bred.

The ending to my MS is nothing short of exciting, but we are on the home stretch! Then it’s off to Colorado!


Hello, I’m dr g – just kidding

I’ve not blogged much so bear with me but I was invited by my new best friend Erika ! Yay, thanks Erika! We met at our CSU interview and hit it off extremely well and then we were both accepted 😀 Class of 2021 !

First, a little history on who I am – my name is Grace and I’m from Arizona. I have a huge passion for horses (as well as all other animals) and have always wanted to go to vet school but I faltered from that idea on more than one occasion! I attended college at NMSU with my degree in Agricultural Biology and minor in Biochemistry which I graduated with in 2014. Somewhere in my junior year I decided vet school would be too hard, too expensive and wouldn’t make me my happiest self. I took a couple different courses and applied to PA school, which I didn’t get into… So I graduated with this degree and tried to find a job with it – NOT easy to get a job with a bachelors degree!!! I was working as a bartender then as a nanny and took a class that I needed to go to nursing school and I then applied to nursing school – which I was accepted to! Around this same time I was offered a salaried job in sales & marketing which I took, rather than nursing school, and loved (in a way, for a while) but realized it wasn’t my passion.. So I quit that job and took a job (with lower pay) at an animal hospital so I could pursue my finally admitted dream of becoming a veterinarian. I applied for vet school around the same time that I quit my salaried job and didn’t expect to get into school on the first application cycle – especially CSU – but I did!

I guess the rest of my story starts here because I will be moving to Colorado with my 6 dogs, 1 cat, and some number of horses (haven’t decided who is making the cut yet). I am not a doctor yet but I will be one in just over 4 years time so I thought I might as well get used to the title 😉

interview 2017