How getting accepted changes things…

As I’m sure you’ve read I was accepted to veterinary school!

I never really thought about it but things do change once you’ve been accepted, and I’m not just talking about the giant weight that’s lifted off your shoulders.

One thing I’ve noticed is the veterinarians I volunteer with are so excited for me! One of them has lamented to me about how A&M should have accepted me so I could stay and help out at the clinic during breaks. Which would have been awesome! Talk about reinforcing the material.

I’ve also been allowed to do a lot more procedures at the clinic, as the doctors I work with feel I won’t get as much hands on experience as they think I should. This has really benefitted me as the techs have redoubled their efforts to help me learn to draw blood (I’m great on large dogs, not so much with the small). I’ve also been able to assist in some spays and neuters; which I’m sure will be helpful!

I’m about halfway through my classes for the last semester of my MS; I’m so excited to be done! Then I have to find a place to live and haul all the animals back to Colorado!